Bolaji Akande

Software Engineer

About me

Firstly, I enjoy building stuffs that runs on Computer. I'm an Experienced Software Engineer with 3+ years of wide knowledge of JavaScript and Laravel/PHP. Competent in Javascript frameworks such as ReactJs, VueJs, and ExpressJs. I'm also a certified AWS cloud Practitioner and I've worked with AWS cloud technologies such as Amazon Route53, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS SAM - Serverless Application Model, and integrating CI/CD into projects using Github Actions.


(+234)814 464 7758
Lagos, Nigeria
Who I have worked with?

Fullstack Developer


Write API endpoints for GOKADA Delivery mobile app using Laravel.

Implement Admin Management and Tracking system using Laravel Nova to monitor pickup and dropoff of deliveries for customers.

Software Engineer


Implemented several gaming logic which includes tournament games, racing games and number games both front end logic using Javascript and Backend with Laravel

Implemented third party integration of in-house built games to other providers

Deployed Applications, Games, monitor their operations, and manage enterprise solutions on AWS

Ensured Applications and Games are not vulnerable to attackers by testing manually using Burp Suite Professional.

Volunteer Learning Facilitator


As a volunteer learning Facilitator, I was driving and facilitating learnings for learners in useful technologies such as the cloud and basic programming concepts. The volunteer learning facilitator at Andela is a crucial part of Andela's Team strategy. Responsibilities includes:
Facilitating learning for the community members using Andela Homestudy Curriculum

Ensuring that learners develop technical and team skills in alignment with Andela's developer framework

Tracking and managing learners learning velocity by ensuring that they complete their assessment on time and to a certain quality as guided by andela hiring plan

Identifying learners who are fit for Andela fellowship after a certain period as guided by Andela hiring plan

Web Developer Intern


Responsibilities includes:
Managing the improvement of UI/UX experience for end-users

Writing unit tests that verify expected behaviours and diagonizing common web app problems



Final GPA : 4.41

What I know?
Programming/Scripting Languages PHP/Laravel, JavaScript/VueJs/ReactJs, Bash, PowerShell, Python
Cloud Services/Containerization AWS, Docker, Kubernetes
CI/CD CloudFormation, GitHub Actions, CodePipeline, Git,
Databases MySQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL,