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Personal Projects


Rubix is a social media platform PWA built with Laravel and VueJs. Basic functionalities allows you to create post, like, comment and share posts of friends in real time, search users, check a user's profile, edit your profile, send connect requests, accept or decline connect requests, block connects, message connects, view suggestions of people you may know based on mutual connects and location all in real time.


Polibet allows you create your own bets, on your own conditions and allow others play with you. When creating a bet, you give details of the bet such as name, description, possible outcomes, outcome date and end date, minimum stake, and so. After your bet is approved, you can share with your friends or your bet gets featured on trending bets. Before staking on a bet, you can see your possible wins which is calculated using an algorithm based on number of options and number of stakes present.

Map App

Map App was built with Laravel and VueJs. Its functionalities includes using the GoogleMaps and GoogleMaps autocomplete API to get pickup and drop off locations and show on the Map, Pickup and Dropoff Locations are within 50km apart, User can select current location and address is gotten using geolocation and reverse geocoding. A unique functionality is storing the autocomplete results in a database which saves costs for subsequent calls.

Market Bank

Market Bank was built with Laravel and VueJs. Its functionalities includes login functionalities, basic CRUD to create market with images alongside location using geocoding and reverse geocoding. The markets can then be searched using the name, category or the nearest market to the user using the user's geolocation.

Still Under Construction
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